Pickatudes 12 Guitar Picks


Product Details

PICKATUDES is a 12 guitar pick sampler with the iVideosongs eagle imprint, plus 5+ random guitar picks designs. What's more, you get free access to 150+ online tutorials for guitar, bass, mandolin and more.

Inside, you'll find pithy "pickatudes" on each guitar pick. You may need to do a little research to figure out the musical references. Each high quality celluloid pick and durable delrin pick in this guitar pick variety pack has the classic guitar pick shape: comfortable wide body with rounded tip to guard against chipping.

Enjoy warm, fat musical tones. Experiment with a variety of gauges from extra thin to super-thick. Vary the tone of your guitar, bass, mandolin or ukulele to fit the tune. Great gift for the bored experienced, or the new beginner guitar player.


Features: Pickatudes 12 Guitar Pick Sampler

  • 12 GUITAR PICKS. Delrin and celluloid picks. Includes free access to 150+ iVideosongs video tutorials for guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and more.
  • HIGH QUALITY GUITAR PICKS. Classic guitar pick shape with rounded tip. Quality, consistent manufacturing and color.
  • DELRIN VARIETY PACK. Durable delrin guitar picks: Extra Thin (.46mm), Thin (.71mm), Lite Medium (.88mm), Medium (.96mm), Medium/Heavy (1.2mm) & Heavy (1.5mm).
  • CLASSIC CELLULOID PICKS. Celluloid guitar picks: Blue, Abalone, Red, Black, Green & Purple in assorted gauges.
  • MYTHIC MESSAGES. Pithy "Pickatudes" printed on one side of each guitar pick, 5+ designs inside.


WARNING: Choking hazard. Contains small parts. Not a toy. The parts and/or packaging are a choking hazard. Never place the product or packaging in or around a crib, small children or pets. Do not leave small children or pets unattended.

This product is packaged with materials that may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects, cancer and/or other reproductive harm. See https://P65warnings.ca.gov.