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Re-ignite Your Passion for Playing

Can you imagine life without music? Never playing your guitar again? Walking away from the piano...forever?

"Life is what happens while you're making other plans," once sang someone who is pretty famous.

The people behind iVideosongs understand how life can get in the way of how to learn and master your guitar, piano and other musical instruments. Drifting away from music sometimes can go on for weeks, months, even years.

You are not alone.

iVideosongs gets you re-engaged in making music. We create hands-on music publications that pair with brief, high quality online music lessons. Our musical posters, cheat sheets and journals link to free online lessons, so you can tackle one concept, skill or song at a time.


Better Way: How to Learn Guitar, Piano & More

iVideosongs designs learning tools for beginners through advanced musicians. Our mission is remains the same: help you to build skills and confidence one step at a time.

Many of our customers are self-taught. Others are tutors, teachers or members of a band. They all seek quick, creative ways to capture a skill and gain momentum.

So, we think in 10 or 20 minute increments at iVideosongs. Our guitar theory posters, for instance, have distinct sections about chords or scales. Those sections have QR codes that link to videos. You can pick and choose your journey, then move at your own pace.


Free Online Guitar Lessons

The publications we design feature practical theory. Being honest, we are not here to make you into a professor of musicology. We present new skills in creative and inviting ways. We tie those to carefully crafted videos, so you can hop online and nail it.

We try to keep it simple, boil theory down into something you can figure out and practice in less than 30 minutes.


Keep It Simple

That is it. In a nutshell, iVideosongs is about engaging your eyes, hands, ears, and brain all at once. This style of learning involves all your senses, making it easier, faster and less stressful.

We hope you'll join us and 100,000 other musicians in our community. Together, we are here to enjoy the joy of music.


Tim Gilbert
Founder & CEO