Piano Chords Poster (24"x36") with Piano Chords, Scales & Modes Charts (8.5"x11")


Product Details

Learn, practice and play piano cords, scales, and modes! Three color-coded piano charts, plus 24”x36” piano wall art poster. This piano chords chart features diagrams of 60 chords for piano, keyboard, and organ. Includes 88-key piano diagram. Printed in full color on waterproof, tear-resistant vinyl that's thick but flexible. Perfect for piano teachers and beginner students. Includes a keyboard diagram with middle C highlighted. Easy to read piano chords for A, B, C, D, E, F, G showing sharps and flats.

The piano chords are organized A through G with sharps and flats in descending order. Read across for major, minor, 7th, augmented, and diminished keyboard positions. Keyboard layout shows four C-positions in light blue for quick reference. 

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Features: Piano Chords Poster (24”x36”) & 3 Cheatsheets (8.5”x11”)

  • 60 Piano Chords in Full Color
  • 88-Key Keyboard Diagram
  • Note-for-note chart includes middle-C in light blue for quicker eye-reference
  • Logically organized for beginner piano players, self-taught keyboardists and returning players
  • Free Unlimited Access to 150+ Video Tutorials
  • Printed in USA on waterproof, tear-resistant recyclable stock
  • Highly durable, colorful and lasting learning product for players of all ages and skill levels