iVideosongs Wide Staff Music Notebook • 3-Pack • Blank Sheet Music Manuscript Paper • 6 Staves


Product Details

3-Pack iVideosongs Wide Staff Blank Sheet Music Book

8 x 10 in. | 126 pages each

Get three blank sheet music paper notebooks. Large print with extra large staff. 126 pages each music composition notebook. Six (6) wide staves on every page. Bass and treble clef on each paired staff. The pages are perforated, so that the pages may be handed in or put into a folder. Design includes lines for student's or composer's name, date, and composition titles. Developed and designed by songwriter and author, Gabriel Gilbert (Songwriters Almanac and Selfies: A Novel), this 8 x 10 inch notebook includes diagrams of the Circle of Fifths with keyboard layout and notes, guitar frets, ukulele fretboard, plus a puzzle on the inside back cover. Not your usual, run-of-the-mill blank sheet music notebook! A Giant Video Library Includes free access to 150+ video music lessons. Videos beat a book on music theory, providing up close, high definition walk-throughs of chords, scales, triads, songs and more.


- 3 assorted color covers 6 blank music staff paper per page
- 126 pages perforated sheets for easy removal Bass and treble clef on each paired staff Inside cover diagrams with Circle of Fifths, guitar fretboard, piano keyboard layout and more
- Bonus music terminology puzzle inside back cover
- Learn the iVideosongs Way

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