Guitar Scales Poster (24" x 36") with All-in-One Guitar Charts Cheatsheet


Product Details

Learn guitar scales faster with this easy to read guitar scales chart. Features 19 guitar scales and a color-coded guitar fretboard diagram. Comes with our full color, 2-sided guitar cheatsheet for circle of 5ths, guitar scales, triads, and chords. It all links to our free tutorials.

Each section of your poster has website codes that link to free video tutorials, so you can hop online and see how to play scales, guitar solos and other tips and tricks. One of our most popular posters for guitar players wanting to raise the bar and get to that next level of proficiency, the Guitar Scales poster includes Country, Blues and Bebop, as well as standard scales like Major and Minor Pentatonic.

Perfect for beginner guitarists through advanced players. Printed and assembled in U.S.A. on 100 lbs. satin white poster paper. The cheatsheet is printed on our unique waterproof, tear-resistant speciality stock, and it is both durable and recycles!


The 24" x 36" Guitar Scales Poster with 3 Guitar Cheatsheets Features:

  • Colorful guitar scales poster for music teachers, tutors and students
  • Step-by-step guide for 19 different guitar scales
  • Pentatonic scales, Ionian, Harmonic, Chromatic, country, blues, bebop and many others
  • Includes notation, root starting positions, and links to free online videos for faster learning.
  • Created by a K12 music teacher, a touring musician and songwriter
  • Trifold guitar cheat sheet with chords, scales, triads, and circle of 5ths chart
  • Inside: information for free access to hundreds of free high def lessons and tutorials. Join our community of 100,000+ musicians for free!


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