Guitar Czar (24" x 48")


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iVideosongs Guitar Czar is a full color guitar poster that is the mother of all guitar reference posters. Ideal for beginner to intermediate, bands, songwriters, and classrooms. This music education guitar guide uses the iVideosongs visual system, plus QR codes to specific lessons for each section of the poster.

Learn how to play chords, scales, guitar tab, plus 150+ other tutorials. Large 24 inch x 48 inch guitar format. Easy to read guitar reference charts for chords, scales, guitar tab, and more. Links to our free online community for how-to videos for guitar, piano, bass, mandolin, and ukulele. Satin poster paper, printed in USA. 

  • BEGINNER GUITAR & BEYOND. Learn chords, barre chords, guitar scales, and guitar tab. Each section links to free lessons using QR codes.
  • EASY TO USE FOR GUITAR STUDENTS. This unique, full color guitar poster helps you to visualize chords, CAGED chords system, scales, and triads. Includes chord charts, circle of 5ths, and even how to read and use guitar tablature.
  • IVIDEOSONGS QUALITY. Our iVideosongs guitar wall art classroom poster is perfect for bands, songwriting, students, teachers, and popular music theory. Designed by a BMI recording artist, the dry erase laminate lets you brainstorm, write songs, then take pics with your phone or tablet. Photo and erase your first draft of the chorus. Move on to your verses and bridge...
  • VIDEOS BEAT A BOOK. The guitar chord diagrams, fretboard, circle of fifths, and other illustrations link to tutorials on how to play guitar, barre chords, music theory, and so much more. Cross the bridge from guitar to mandolin, ukulele, bass, or piano with iVideosongs. Not just another music book or guitar poster -- you have a system to learn how to write music and make your songs come alive!
  • GUITAR REFERENCE SYSTEM. The kit has everything you need to start your journey on guitar and advance guitar playing to the next levels. Use the QR codes to watch the videos, and marker to get going on your musical composition. Join a community of 100,000 musicians using iVideosongs. Learn music theory, how to play songs, and see real artists sharing the back stories on their legendary hits.

WARNING: Choking hazard. Contains small parts. Not a toy. The parts and/or packaging are a choking hazard. Never place the product or packaging in or around a crib, small children or pets. Do not leave small children or pets unattended.

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