Guitar Chords Poster (12" x 18") with Circle of 5ths Chart (8.5" x 11")


Product Details

Full color guide with 84 guitar chords, this bestselling guitar poster includes A through G#, showing finger positions, root notes, and barre chords. Also includes an 8.5" x 11" Circle of Fifths diagram that links to a video about it online for free.

Circle of Fifths is valued by musicians at all levels to visualize key signatures and relative minors, plus other basics of music theory. From beginner guitar players to advanced, both experienced guitarists and students enjoy the color-coded system for faster learning and reference.

iVideosongs Guitar Chords poster's easy to read guitar charts feature a fretboard diagram with sharps and flats. Like all iVideosongs products, you get links to free videos showing you how to play solos, scales and real songs, too! Printed and assembled in U.S.A. on 100 lbs. satin white poster paper.


This 12" x 18" Guitar Chords Poster with Nashville Number System Chart Features:

  • 84 guitar chords just a glance away
  • Clear illustration of finger positions, root notes and logical flow of chords from A through G#
  • Includes color-coded guitar fretboard along the bottom for easier reference
  • Colors to each note match the chords, so you quickly learn to associate colors and keys
  • Perfect for teachers, students and guitar players of every level
  • Created by a K12 music teacher, a touring musician and songwriter
  • Printed in USA. Ships to your home in sturdy, sealed mailing tube
  • 8.5" x 11" Circle of 5ths chart included
  • Inside: information for free access to hundreds of free high def lessons and tutorials. Join our community of 100,000+ musicians for free!