Best Guitar Lesson Channels on YouTube

How to find a guitar teacher online? You want to kick-start your playing or raise the bar on solos, scales, and other key chops. If the guitar tutor is tuned into you, it is money well spent. If not, major buzz-kill.

Some of these YouTube guitar lesson sites you may know. These are great guitar teachers that make the guitar easier to learn and master with lessons for all skill levels. From guitar chords and scales to how to play RUSH, you can find it on YouTube.

Note, some of these are subscription sites, where you pay per month or per lesson -- anywhere from a few bucks to $35+ per month.

Others, like IVideosongs, are free. That channel has 200+ guitar lessons, drum, bass, and mandolin lessons, plus real songs you can learn, too. 

Let's look first at scales. After chords, beginner guitarists quickly learn they know what they don't know, in order to advance.

iVideosongs Pickatude Guitar Picks

First up: learning the pentatonic scales on guitar can open all kinds of doors...


1. ArtistWorks

Paul Gilbert (no relation to yours truly) is a great instructor and guitar player. For the intermediate player who has gotten down some of the scales, Gilbert shows how to apply it in very practical ways. He reviews shapes on the fretboard, then shows you how to play a guitar riff or three.

To subscribe costs about $35/month. But well worth the fee.


2. Andy Guitar

With 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube page, Andy "Guitar" Crowley knows how to help you play guitar.

He is very user-friendly, and his starter guitar lessons walk you through basics, like how to play guitar chords. With many free lessons, plus his own site, you will be well-served.

3. Music Is Win

This YouTube channel is a ton of of fun. Excellent content on the world of guitars, guitar culture, and so on. 

The lesson also are excellent. Learning guitar chord progressions, for example, is essential to how to become a songwriter. 

Intermediate players gain inspiration about how to play Stairway to Heaven. Music is Win is just that, a win.

4. Fender

Fender Play is an education channel of Fender Guitar. They have an online learning platform that does cost a regular fee, but you can learn all kinds of songs and tips and tricks.

The instructors are top-tier, their production values are superb.

5. IVideosongs

Last but not least, iVideosongs has 100,000 followers and growing. Millions have viewed its lessons on everything from RUSH's guitarist to how to play bossa nova on guitar. 

Author's Note: I write stuff for iVideosongs and also have written some of its songwriting books, too. Just saying. 

But what's interesting to me is how #ivideosongs blends online with traditional printed learning aides. It links the various guitar posters, guitar charts, and guitar books to its lessons. These specially chosen links direct you to the guitar theory or guitar lesson you need to know for that particular section of the guitar poster or guitar cheatsheet.

Wherever you land, take advantage of all the ways you can learn how to play guitar and enjoy it! If there are five sites here, there's likely 5,000 on YouTube.

Take the plunge!

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