What to buy for that beloved guitar player can be a fun adventure. There are so many unique items out there from guitar books to guitar gadgets.

Here, let's look at a few guitar gift ideas in terms of your player's experience and interests.


Beginner Guitar Player Gift Idea

The beginner guitarist is almost too easy. They tend to have very accessories on hand and loads of enthusiasm. But they also face a steep curve as they learn the instrument. The hills and valleys of learning how to play guitar deserve gifts that inspire and educate.


1. Pickatudes Full Color Guitar Picks

iVideosongs offers a series of fun, colorful guitar picks called "Pickatudes." Some sets include themes about America, big picture thinking, and country music. They come with guitar pick holders and a handsome little tin box to store your picks. 

2. Guitar Chord Poster

This poster is part of a series. It features 80+ guitar chords in full color with finger positions in clear detail. Most any beginner guitar student can immediately see at a glance the value of this tool. It is offered in various sizes, and some version include other useful guitar charts and diagrams.

Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Players

The experienced player is a bit trickier to surprise and satisfy. They probably have a small arsenal of guitars, plus more sophisticated ideas about what they want or really need. Let's look at a couple of options...


1. Complete Guitar Reference Guide

To the layperson, this chart looks like an eyeful. But to veteran guitarists, this is like guitar porn. It is loaded with chords, alternate chords, guitar scales, and also some theory. These posters also have links on them that jump to free tutorials. The player does what they can with the chart and the challenge. Then, they can hop online and watch how it is played in high def video.

Gifts for Songwriters & Bands

This breed of animal is creative, a creature of habit, and constantly seeking new ways to produce or collaborate. They value inspiration. Here are a couple of songwriting journals most any musician will appreciate.


1. Songwriting Journal In Vegan Crazy Horse Leather

Beautifully detailed, these journals are a top-seller on stores like Amazon. Inside, the songwriter finds handy charts about the circle of 5ths, a built-in envelop for notes and picks, and other finery.



2. Blank Sheet Manuscript Paper Notebook

Last but not least, this is a sturdy, trusted companion to any composer or songwriter who uses blank sheet music staff paper. It goes above and beyond expectations with its retro designs, extra-thick sheets of perforated paper, a built-in folder, and its trademark double-spiral binding. This particular product is also a top selling, 5-star rated option for the discriminating guitar player who is not easily surprised.

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