Circle of 5ths Poster (24" x 36") & 3 Guitar Cheatsheets


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Learning guitar theory just got easier with this color-coded, information-packed wall chart from iVideosongs. At a glance, learn or teach this guide to circle of fifths and circle of fourths. Perfect for songwriters, music tutors, students, kids, and teachers alike. It includes our all-in-one guitar cheatsheet for guitar chords, scales and triads, too.

The poster and guitar charts have links to free videos, showing you how Circle of Fifths works on guitar. The 2-sided guitar cheatsheet has web and QR codes, taking you to free lessons and tutorials. Step-by-step, you'll learn guitar chords, scales, and other invaluable tips and tricks.

This bundle is great for composers, guitarists, songwriters, and musicians to refresh or practice this famous illustration of theory.

The large full color layout leads you right to the information you need with colors to match the chords in the chart. This poster comes with access to 150+ video tutorials and lessons for guitar, mandolin, bass and more. See how it's done, save hours of head scratching! You don't need a book on theory, when you can go online for free for live examples.

Printed in USA on 100# satin finish poster paper. The cheatsheet comes on our specialty stock that's waterproof and tear-resistent. Ships carefully hand-rolled in a sturdy mail tube.


Features: 24" x 36" Guitar Reference Poster & 3 Guitar Cheatsheets

  • Reference the Circle of Fifths at a glance.
  • Full color 24" x 36" guitar poster.
  • All in one guitar cheatsheet for guitar chords, scales, and triads.
  • Includes a guide for circle of fifths music theory and a chart of major and minor chords.
  • This guitar poster gives you free access to our video tutorial library.
  • This educational wall chart has circle of fifths and fourths, full staff, sharps and flats, a full chart of major and minor keys in clear, color-coded graphics.
  • Access to 150+ video tutorials and lessons for guitar, mandolin, bass and more included.
  • For beginners through advanced, these diagrams are expertly designed by a K12 music teacher and a BMI recording artist.
  • Shipped in sturdy cardboard tube in poly sleeve for damage-free shipping.
  • Inside: information for free access to hundreds of free high def lessons and tutorials. Join our community of 100,000+ musicians for free!


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