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  • circle of 5ths poster circle of fifths posters circle of 5ths diagram circle of fifths diagram circle of 5ths chart

    Circle of 5ths Poster (12" x 18")

    Learning music theory just got easier with this color-coded, information-packed wall chart from iVideosongs. At a glance, learn or teach this guide to circle of fifths and circle of fourths. Perfect for songwriters, music tutors, students, kids, and...

  • songwriting journals blank sheet music notebooks blank staff paper lyrics journal lyrics in my head diary

    Songwriter's Almanac, A Guided Songwriting Journal

    This high quality, hardcover journal for songwriting, lyrics and music composition includes 150+ pages of templates. Integrate your lyrics with your choice of tab, music notation and fret diagrams. BMI recording artist and novelist, Gabriel Gilbert, also...

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