Guitar Chords Cheatsheet (6" x 9")


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There’s 97+ guitar chords for you at-a-glance making this guitar chord chart perfect for teachers, students and musicians from beginner guitar to advanced and beyond! Start to pick and play guitar in a simple, easy way with this guitar chords cheat sheet. Small enough to fit in a gigbag and refer to anywhere. 

Like all iVideosongs products, you get links to free videos showing you how to play solos, scales and real songs. Printed and assembled in Denver, CO U.S.A. on satin white poster paper.


Features: 6" x 9" Guitar Chords Cheatsheet

  • Full color guitar chords reference charts
  • New larger graphics printed on 2-sided thick vinyl stock
  • Includes website addresses on how to use charts to learn chords faster
  • Learn at a glance your major and minor open chords, plus barre chords and "moveable" chords on the backside
  • 97+ guitar chords for you at-a-glance
  • Free unlimited access to 150+ music tutorials & real song lessons online


WARNING: Choking hazard. Contains small parts. Not a toy. The parts and/or packaging are a choking hazard. Never place the product or packaging in or around a crib, small children or pets. Do not leave small children or pets unattended.

This product is packaged with materials that may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects, cancer and/or other reproductive harm. See